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Westside Therapy...................

offers person-centred/integrative therapy (it does not offer Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or Psychodynamic/psychoanalytic Therapy)

offers one-to-one therapy (it does not offer couples counselling, family therapy or therapy for children)

is a face-to-face and remote (on-line/telephone - evenings only) talking therapy service 

does not make home visits

is not an advice line

does not offer any other mental health provision

is linked to the BUPA Therapist Network health care service (Melanie only - day time sessions - referrals through BUPA only)

is not an 'managed organisation' and is, subsequently, not able to offer placements to students and volunteers or to 'employ' associate counsellors

is not an ASA (Adoption Support Agency).  In 2010, legislation was implemented to state that only psychotherapists, registered as an ASA with Ofsted, are able to offer specialist adoption services.  This legislation was an amendment to the Children Act 2002 and was designed to ensure that individuals seeking support of this nature would receive it only from therapists with specific training in this field.  If you are adopted, we may still be able to use this service but not if any aspect of your adoption is the main focus of the reason for which you seek counselling.



Should you wish to make a referral, please contact one of us directly (Melanie for daytime sessions/Fiona for evening sessions) either by email (leaving only your name & tel. no. indicating if it is safe to leave a voicemail message) OR by telephone (details on following page) to provide all of the following information:


Confirmation that you are registered with a GP

Contact arrangements (for when a slot becomes available) - telephone number, preferred time for a return call, if it is safe to leave a message either on your voicemail or with a third party should someone else have access to your telephone

Your availability

Brief details of the reason for your referral

Due to this being a lower-cost service, there may be a waiting period until you are able to begin counselling. Clients will be seen strictly in the order that they join the waiting list. Westside Therapy is unable to provide any information about waiting times as this is very much dependent upon the amount of time that individuals choose to remain in therapy (which varies greatly; from just a few weeks to over a year) and which slots are more popular than others (the greater your flexibility, the sooner you might be offered a slot).